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Bar toilet WC Fresh Lemon, 40 g, TM Kolorado

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The toilet bar TM Kolorado (Colorado) WC Fresh (Sun Fresh) with the smell of lemon after draining the water will clean the inner surface of the toilet bowl.

Quickly eliminates harmful bacteria and germs. Eliminated ingrained enamel. The aroma of lemon will fill the toilet room. And you no longer feel an unpleasant smell. Only the freshness of citrus.

The design of the bar is developed by a special technology. With the passage of water begins to produce a certain amount of foam. Effective oxygen bleach in contact with the enameled surface of the toilet bowl eliminates plaque. As a result, it remains smooth and shiny.

This product is pressed, so it is quite economical to use.

A series of toilet cleansing bar Sun Fresh Colorado (Kolorado) Lemon is available weighing forty grams (40 g). Enough for about four hundred flushes.

Color cardboard packaging.

Packaging Cardboard
View For toilet
amount 1
Weight, g 40
Type of Bar
The brand Kolorado
Aromatization Lemon
Aroma Lemon
Producing country Poland
Purpose Cleansing
Special features Disinfecting properties
Classification Household chemicals
Application area At home
Delivery Today
Payment for product
Payment by card on the website or in the mobile application at the time of ordering. Cashless payment according to the issued invoice (only for legal entities). Cash to the courier upon receipt of the goods on the basis of the sales receipt.
Delivery of the product
Nova Poshta delivery Courier delivery
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