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Our Water, Max Cartridge for jug filters, 1 pc.

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The use of unique technology Ecomix (Ecomix) in the cartridge Max Our Water for jug filters allows you to call this product for water treatment universal.

Removed chlorine and iron compounds. Salt scale is eliminated on the tank body, in which filtered water is heated in the future. The content of phenols and products of the refining industry is reduced to zero. You can not worry about the quality of water, if you bought a replacement cartridge, Our Water Max .

This product is designed specifically for Ukrainian water, reducing its hardness rate.

After applying a set of cartridges, you will notice how your dishes, tea, and coffee have become tastier and richer. Take care of your health - drink only filtered water!

Packaging Cardboard
View For filter jug
amount 1
Type of Replaceable cartridges
The brand Our Water
Producing country Ukraine
Purpose For cold water
Classification Equipment
Delivery Today
Payment for product
Payment by card on the website or in the mobile application at the time of ordering. Cashless payment according to the issued invoice (only for legal entities). Cash to the courier upon receipt of the goods on the basis of the sales receipt.
Delivery of the product
Nova Poshta delivery Courier delivery
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