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Service center

  • cooler diagnostics
  • cooler repair
  • cooler sanitization
  • replacement of old parts with new ones
  • sale of components to the cooler
  • sale of equipment care products
  • cooler rental
  • departure of the master (in Kiev)
  • transportation services (equipment pick-up to the service center and back to you)

Full sanitization and repair of the cooler is carried out in a period of up to 5 days. While your equipment is in the service center, we will provide you with a rental cooler with the same characteristics.

Payment Methods

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Sanitization equipment

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processing equipment

Why do you need to sanitize the cooler

First , it accumulates over time a small amount of sediment from water. During the operation of the cooler, the mineral salts that are contained in the drinking water are deposited on the heating elements of the cooler, forming the well-known scale, which not only prevents the normal heating of water, but also often forms sediment or film in a glass with a drink, not to mention a specific taste . It is very important to remember that salts deposited on the elastic parts of the sealing elements of the cooler — taps, valves, gaskets — cause them to coarsen, which in turn leads to leaks and after a while the taps start to drip, the tubes can leak, which can spoil the flooring. This is a natural process, but, nevertheless, it is important to periodically clean the heating elements so that the apparatus subsequently does not begin to flow. And also, so as not to spoil the taste of water.

Secondly , when operating the cooler, not every person is 100% compliant with the rules of hygiene. For example, he accidentally took a cork with dirty hands - bacteria and microbes began to multiply on it. Be sure to before you put the bottle on the cooler, you need to wash your hands! But for the purposes of prophylaxis, it is necessary to regularly sanitize it (after all, you cannot be sure that the water is still as clean as before).

Thirdly , the cooler can become dirty not only from your hands, but also from the cap, stickers, etc. If any element gets inside the device, serious damage may occur. Therefore, it is so important to check every mechanism of the cooler, so that later you don’t have to pay for its repair. When ordering water delivery, do not forget about the care of the cooler.

Also , some customers forget to remove the shrink cap or sticker from the cork. In such cases, pieces of film or paper fall into the cooler and clog up both the water and the cooler tubes. There are cases when the remnants of the packaging tightly clog the tubes of the cooler, which leads to its overheating and complete failure of expensive thermal and electronic components.

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