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OUR WATER Polypropylene yarn cartridge 2.5 "x 10", 10 microns

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Cartridge of polypropylene yarn 2.5 "x 10", 10 microns TM OUR WATER - high-performance replaceable cartridge made of polypropylene cord for cleaning cold water. This filter is designed to purify water from mechanical impurities: sand, rust, scale, etc. It is used most often for flow or main filters, as well as osmotic systems. By installing a cartridge made of polypropylene yarn, you also protect piping and plumbing from damage, extending their service life.


Dimensions: height - 254 mm, diameter - 63 mm;
Filtering material: high quality polypropylene thread;
Working pressure: 1.5-10 atm;
Filtration rating: 1.5.10, 20 microns;
Cartridge yield: 10,000 l;
Size 2,5x10 ".

Important : exceeding the filtration rate can lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of the treated water, therefore, set the water pressure in the range from 1.5 to 4 atm!

To get clean water, the replaceable cartridge must be replaced at least once in 6 months!

Packaging PAT
amount 1
Type of Filter
The brand Our Water
Colour White
The size 254*63
Producing country Ukraine
Type of sale Fine
Purpose For bottling water
Special features polypropylene yarn
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