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Non-contact soap dispenser

Hand hygiene is a mandatory pledge of health. It is very important to be able to wash your hands after coming from the street, public transport, toilet and many other everyday affairs. The period of the coronavirus pandemic taught people to wash their hands and use the antiseptic, and now let's talk about aesthetics, convenience, practicality and modern design. Agree, the trifles consists of comfort! And when these little things are still practical - they have no price at all.
We bring to your attention a contactless dispenser for soap-foam TM VIO. This is a modern device that works from the battery, the total charge of which is enough of the week to a month of work (depends on the number of users and frequency). The VIO automatic soapbox will perfectly fit both in the home interior in the bathroom or kitchen and in clinics, beauty salons, offices and other institutions. The VIO soap dispenser has a volume of 350 ml and only 11 cm in height. But despite its compact sizes, it is guarding clean.
With the smart dispenser of soap foam VIO you do not have to punish the required amount of money every time and touch with soapy. It is enough to turn on the dispenser once, and then only to bring the hand for the necessary portion of the foam. The dosage system is activated using highly sensitive sensor.

The automatic dispenser will accurately appreciate the children who will finally love to wash their hands!

Be all healthy!

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