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Organic oatmeal flakes, 300 g, TM Ecorod

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Oatmeal is the most popular dish in the world among fans of healthy and healthy food. Due to the fact that their preparation does not take much time and effort, many use them as breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Organic Oatmeal Flakes Special Creamy Ecorod is an environmentally friendly product containing a huge amount of various vitamins.

Eating oatmeal Ecodorod gives strength and energy. They also help to get rid of health problems, improve the circulatory, nervous, vascular systems. Being on a diet, you can easily enjoy this product and not take care of those extra pounds.

Packaging Cardboard
Weight, g 300
Type of Flakes
The brand Ecorod
Taste flavor Creamy
Producing country Ukraine
Purpose Food product
Special features Organic
Classification Food
Delivery Today
Payment for product
Payment by card on the website or in the mobile application at the time of ordering. Cashless payment according to the issued invoice (only for legal entities). Cash to the courier upon receipt of the goods on the basis of the sales receipt.
Delivery of the product
Nova Poshta delivery Courier delivery
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