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Windows, aroma lamps, ceramics, assorted

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Ceramic aroma lamp Window was created specifically to give real comfort to any room in which you would not be. Aroma lamp material ensures the safety of its representative appearance and is protected from minor mechanical damages in the form of accidental chips or falls.

There are many ways to give your home or office a pleasant scent. But aromatherapy is famous for that. that can not only eliminate odors, replacing them with your chosen ones. Aromatic oils that are used to   lamps   Windows, perfectly relax, give concentration and help improve mood.

To fill the room with your favorite scent, light a candle and place the Window oil burner in the lower compartment . Pour some water into the upper container and add a few drops of aroma oil. The liquid begins to evaporate, so that the pleasant smell of your chosen oil will spread throughout the room.

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amount 1
Type of Lamp
Aromatization No aromatization
Colour Assorted
The size Standard
Shelf life 3 years
Producing country
Amount in a package 1
Material Ceramics
For Unisex
Picture With an image
Purpose Aromatization room
Special features Durable material
Classification Products for home and office
Delivery Today
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