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Dowel expansion B -3008, 8x40 mm, 40 pieces, TM Gospodar
Article: 32414
Dowel expansion b-3008, 8x40 mm, 10 pcs, TM Gospodar
Article: 32413
Dowel, Drop-in action, B-SMT, 6x40mm, up.20 pcs, TM Gospodar
Article: 32403
Dowel, Drop-in action, B-SMT, 6x60mm, 18 pcs, TM Gospodar
Article: 32404
Dowel, Spacing, 3005, 5х25 mm, 50 pieces, TM Gospodar
Article: 32411
Dowel, Spacing, 3006, 6х30 mm, 30 pieces, TM Gospodar
Article: 32412
Dowel, Spacing, 3010, 10х50 mm, 25 pieces, TM Gospodar
Article: 32415
Dowel, Spacing, 3012, 12х60 mm, 15 pieces, TM Gospodar
Article: 32417
Gospodar, Plasterboard for metal, 4.2x76, 50 pcs.
Article: 32424
Lord of the Universal screw in blister, 5,0x40, 10 pcs.
Article: 32788
Lord of the universal screw in blister, 5,0x45, 10 pcs.
Article: 32789
Lord of the universal screw in blister, 5,0x50, 10 pcs.
Article: 32790
Lord, Exhaust Dowel, 5x45, 20 pcs
Article: 32405
Lord, Exhaust Dowel, 6x45, 20 pcs
Article: 32406
Lord, universal screw D6mm x L50 mm, pack of 6 pcs.
Article: 32793
Lord, universal screw b-1015060-1, 5,0x60, pack. 8 pieces
Article: 32791
Lord, universal screw b-1016040-1, 6,0х40, up.8 pcs.
Article: 32792
Master, B-NTHP L-hook dowel, 10x60, 10 pc.
Article: 32397
TM Owner, Drywall Drywall, B-ZUM, 6x38 mm, 30 pc
Article: 32419
Universal screw b-1013020-1, 3,0x20, 40 pcs., TM Gospodar
Article: 32784
Universal screw b-1013030-1, 3,0x30, 30 pcs, TM Gospodar
Article: 32786
Universal screw b-1013035-1, 3,0x35, 30 pcs, TM Gospodar
Article: 32787
Gospodar, Plasterboard for metal, 4.8x102, 25 pcs.
Article: 32425
Lord of the screw with a drill and a countersunk head, 3,9x16, 50 pcs.
Article: 32779