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Shoe spray


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Erdal Velor Nubuk farblos, 250 ml, Suede Spray, Colorless
Article: 69940
Salton, 250 ml, Spray paint for suede and nubuck, brown
Article: 52054
Salton, 300 ml, Spray-paint for smooth skin, black
Article: 52053
Salton, 300 ml, Spray-paint for suede and nubuck, black
Article: 52055
Salton, 300 ml, Water aerosol protection for skin and tissue
Article: 52052
Silver, 150 ml, foam stretcher for shoes, w / w
Article: 9017
Spray for suede and nubuck, for shoes, 200 ml, TM Kiwi
Article: 33186
Salton, 300 ml, Water repellent for smooth leather, suede, nubuck and fabric

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Article: 58412